Generate more business

Cost-effectively expand your business

Make the right sales offer at the right time for a happy customer, the opportunity for a long-term relationship, and increased lifetime value.

Tailor your acquisition models to your unique B2C, B2B, D2C, or industry needs and increase conversion across channels, markets, and lifecycle.

Increase average order size, boost sales per hour, and make the most of your sales budget with interactive analytics and customized services.

Recruit, select, and train sales experts who understand your market and your customers with our targeted talent acquisition services.

Your contact center constantly interacts with customers, and our high-tech, high-touch solutions make it ideal for cost-effective cross-sell and upsell.

Customized solutions

Unlock the power of sales to grow your business

Lead generation (both digital and voice)

Lead appending/validation/qualification

Outbound and/or inbound telesales

eCommerce support including chat, bots, and a unique shopping cart abandon solution

Existing customer cross-sell and upsell

Customer retention and loyalty management

The right solution

Elevate B2B sales with strategies tailored to your business

Implement turn-key, stand-alone programs, or supplement existing sales capabilities with customized business solutions and operating models. Design the right solution for achieving your sales goals. Download the free paper to learn more.

Quickly activate and scale highly skilled sales teams

Quickly implement new sales capabilities or expand existing teams with highly skilled and experienced sales specialists. Because hiring the right talent is critical, we have developed a proprietary OnTarget recruiting methodology for hiring the best candidates using a statistical model. This allows us to determine key candidate qualifiers and calculate sales potential for each applicant.

Increase your knowledge

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